An antidote to anxiety

Zebra on right has something to say.I thought I’d pass this along for those days when you can’t seem to get out of your own way to accomplish the tasks that seemed so incredibly important when you went to sleep the previous night. My friend Pnina sent it to me a few months ago and I printed it out and posted it near my desk. I didn’t ask her about the origin, but I’m sure she’ll tell me when she sees this post! (Photo by Gerald Reisner)

I am reading a mystery novel

I am collecting my thoughts

I am contemplating my future

I am remembering things past

I am so happy to be in my room

I am trying to concentrate

I am enjoying a pastry

I am being inspired by a book

I am listening to my music

I am planning my evening out

I am watching a great film

I am thinking about a career change

I am meditating

I am reflecting on my decisions

I am tasting a glass of wine

I am enjoying my tea

I am stimulating my curiosity

I am writing a love letter

I am dreaming of a bright tomorrow

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