Laurie Colwin

Family HappinessJust a short post to say that I just heard the good news that Laurie Colwin’s books are going to be re-released by her publishers. Colwin, for those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of reading her novels, short stories, and cookbooks, was a very special writer who died much too young. Her tone was a little arch, a little knowing, but never cloying. She wrote about our lives and the unexpected things that bring us happiness. Start with any of her novels, like Family Happiness or A Big Storm Knocked It Over.  She wrote regularly for the New Yorker and Gourmet–her food writing is elegant and delightful. (I used to make her black bean soup recipe.) 

If you enjoy novels by Emma Straub, Lynne Sharon Schwartz, Catherine Schine, or Margot Livesey, I think you’ll like Laurie Colwin’s writing too. 


2 responses to “Laurie Colwin

  1. LOVE reading your posts. Like listening to your voice.

    How’s things?

    We had our first and only yard sale today. Best part is that it’s over.


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  2. Barbara R. Greenberg

    Thanks, Roz! Into the Kindle! We met Cathy Chine on our trip to the Galapagos with Mickey! She and David Denby, her then husband, were good traveling companions.

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