National Reading Group Month

October is National Reading Group Month, a good time to think about how much our lives are enriched by the discussions we have with friends–and even casual acquaintances–about books. I have to admit I have a special interest here; I chair the committee of readers who read and select the titles for the Great Group Reads list that comes out as part of National Reading Group Month.

I spend all spring and summer madly reading and (virtually) talking about the books that are candidates for that list. We vote in August and then the list is released in mid-September. I love the titles on this year’s list; they’re a more diverse group than we’ve had before (this year we picked more titles). It’s diverse in writing style, setting, plot, character–all the many ways that novels can differ from each other. And we have a few lovely memoirs.  I’ll write more about individual titles in later posts.

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