Memoirs for book discussion groups

At my book group, one of the best discussions we had was about the memoir She’s Not There: A Life in Two Genders by Jennifer Finney Boylan. We couldn’t stop turning it around, looking at it from various angles. It’s filled with great storytelling and wonderful set pieces about family and friends that are funny and emotionally piercing. Boylan is writing about her sexuality, the way she knew from age 3 that she was trapped in the wrong body, but while there’s pain and struggle to her story, it’s a joyous, eye-opening book.
There are so many memoirs that are ideal for book group discussion. I just did a Q&A session on this topic for the blog at with Shannon McKenna Schmidt, so you’ll find title suggestions there. There’s an icon in my book, Read On…Life Stories to identify memoirs that are good for book groups. I’ll come back to this topic in the next few weeks with more titles of memoirs that are great for discussion.

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