A good place for serious readers

Welcome to A Reader’s Place–a resource for readers of fiction, narrative nonfiction, and memoirs. In addition to blog posts  there’s a special section devoted to memoirs. Click on the Memoirs tab above or the links to the right and you’ll find Reading Lists, Award Lists, quotes, and other interesting information about the genre that keeps on giving. Please feel free to comment, make suggestions, or contact me about speaking.

Read On Life StoriesMy first book, Jewish-American Literature: A Guide to Reading Interests  was published in 2004 and won the Assoc. of Jewish Libraries Reference Award for that year. It’s still a good guide to the books that have made Jewish literature such an important part of the American literary experience. memoirs and autobiographies–Read On…Life Stories: Reading Lists for Every Tastewas published in 2009. It seems like everyone is writing memoirs these days and we’re all reading and talking about them. The booklists it contains will help you find memoirs you’ll enjoy reading, thinking about, and discussing with friends.

Women in the Lit LandFrom 2015 to 2017 I worked on a different sort of book, a history of women in the U.S. literary community from colonial times to today. A collaborative effort, the genesis for the idea came from the Women’s National Book Association, which celebrated its centennial in 2017. The book is titled Women in the Literary Landscape: A Women’s National Book Association Centennial Publication. I was asked to be the editor, but then ended up writing parts of it as well. It was published in 2018 by C&R Press. The book traces the contributions of women in all aspects of the book world and in parallel, the history of the Women’s National Book Association.



One response to “A good place for serious readers

  1. Yours is a terrific site. I’ve just started a blog to review my favorite memoirs. The first (only) review is of Joan Didion’s newest book, “Blue Nights” but most reviews won’t be of recent books. I am 90,000 words into my own memoir. My agent can’t tell yet if it will sell, given that I’m not a celebrity. I’ve also self-published a book on how to write memoirs (under author name Hawley Roddick) and have co-authored three client’s private memoirs. I’ll be interested in following your blog.

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