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Books to read now

Everyone’s posting their list of books to recommend in this strange time, so I thought I’d do it too. I went back over my reading list to find a few books with themes of  strength and resilience. Here they are. … Continue reading

Storm Reading, Part 2–the second storm, with snow!

This is the cruelest storm of all, following on the heels of Sandy, when so many people have yet to get power back and so many others have lost their homes. I worry about the residents of those barrier beach … Continue reading

Memoirs for discussion, continued…

I was delighted to see a post about my book on Book Group Buzz, the Booklist blog, especially since I’ve just been thinking about the qualities that make a memoir appropriate for book discussion groups. For me, it’s the relationship between character … Continue reading

My Book Group’s Choices

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Award-winning Memoirs

National Book Award National Book Critics Circle Award Pulitzer Prize National Book Award (going back to 1950–winners and honor books) Note: there is no separate category for memoirs; these are the memoirs that have won in the nonfiction category. The … Continue reading