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The Winter Soldier by Daniel Mason

I read and enjoyed Mason’s The Piano Tuner when it came out in 2003 so I downloaded a galley of his new book, The Winter Soldier, from Edelweiss as soon as I could and read it in three great gulps. … Continue reading

My favorite books of 2013

Everyone’s posting “best” lists at this time of the year, so here’s mine.  I’ve indicated where I listened to the book. A great audiobook novel–beautifully written with a great reader–is a treat. I often feel that I’ve enjoyed the book … Continue reading

The Books I Loved in 2012–Nonfiction

I didn’t read any political books this year, even though there were so many published. Reading the newspaper or the online news was enough politics for me. The seven books listed below are either history, memoir, or biography. Nonfiction: The … Continue reading

National Reading Group Program in New York

I was lucky to be one of the moderators for this program last Wednesday–I love meeting authors and hearing them talk about their writing. In this case, since I had read and enjoyed all 5 books, I had a list … Continue reading

Nat’l Reading Group Month Celebration

National Reading Group Month is sponsored by the Women’s National Book Association, a networking and educational group founded in New York City in 1917 by a group of women booksellers when the all-male Bookseller’s League chose to remain all-male. There are chapters (not … Continue reading

Out of India

The last book my book group read was Indian Summer: The Secret History of the End of an Empire. I had suggested it based on my own fascination with India. I started reading fiction about India when I was in … Continue reading

My Book Group’s Choices

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Listed below are various events of a literary nature, at which I’ve spoken or will be speaking. Some of the recent events are part of the programs of the Women’s National Book Association and involve moderating author panels or speaking … Continue reading